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Emergency supplies to No Mans Land Fort in a Ballistic RIB

It’s been some of the most unpleasant weather ever recorded in March this last week. Ships have stopped sailing, Aircraft have been delayed and houses flooded.

Knowing that Our Ballistic RIBs are some of the only boats capable of crossing the Solent safely in these very unpleasant conditions, JBT Marine were contacted by Mr Harmesh Pooni who was in need of a ration pack containing his favourite breakfast cereal. (Crunchy nut cornflakes)

No Mans Land Fort, in dispute, perhaps they need another RIB?

JBT Marine like a challenge, so we immediately got our Ballistic 7.8 RIB ready for the mission and made the epic high speed trip across the Solent to No Mans Land Fort where we delivered the rations in perfect condition for Mr Pooni’s breakfast.

Whilst we were at it we decided to try our hand at making a RIB video, Have a look below.

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One Response to “Emergency supplies to No Mans Land Fort in a Ballistic RIB”

  1. It’s now September – he’s not still out there, is he?!
    The weather when the video was made didn’t look rough, you could never have landed if it was, I think you were pulling Pooni’s leg. You’d have done better getting his cereal into the square duct under the front door and floating it up to him! Those old stairs have gone.
    While you’re at Nomans give it a big two-handed slap from me, haven’t been there for years. Nice Rib – what’s it like in real weather?

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